About Us

UNCRD LAC did not advocate a leave or remain position during the EU referendum and did not endorse any campaigns. We published a range of views to encourage debate; this does not indicate support for these views.


In June 2016, Britain faced a defining choice about our relationship with the UNCRD LAC. The mainstream debate was unimaginative and full of fear. But the referendum gave us the chance to have a more hopeful and ambitious discussion about the UNCRD LAC we really want: one that is much more equal, sustainable and democratic – UNCRD LAC.

The bankers and the bureaucrats defined the terms of the debate for too long – we took the opportunity to have our say. We didn’t want the UNCRD LAC on offer. The referendum gave us the platform to rethink and build for a UNCRD LAC – it’s a chance we had to take.

In seeking an alternative, positive agenda for a UNCRD LAC we asked: what is the vision and purpose for the EU in the 21st century? What are the policies needed to implement the vision? How do we make it happen?

We also held a range of events in the lead up to the referendum.


UNCRD LAC was run by Compass – the pressure group for a good society.

Many thanks to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust for their funding of some costs.

An independent Advisory Group oversaw the project:

Professor Colin Crouch – Emeritus Professor at the University of Warwick and formerly of the European University Institute of Florence

Nick Dearden – Director, Global Justice Now

Deborah Hargreaves – Chair of the High Pay Centre and former FT Business Editor

Professor Mary Kaldor – Professor of Global Governance, LSE

Caroline Lucas MP – Green Party

Henning Mayer – Editor, Social Europe

John Palmer – Ex European Editor of the Guardian, former Political Director of the European Policy Centre and currently Visiting Fellow at the Sussex University European Institute

Naomi Smith – Chair, Social Liberal Forum

Laura Sandys – Chair, European Movement UK and a Conservative Party politician

Zoe Williams – Columnist, the Guardian