Which Kia Sorento Years to Avoid to Prevent Stress

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Kia Sorento 2016

Do you know that there are several Kia Sorento years to avoid, if you really want to stay out of trouble? If you think that all Sorentos are designed and created the same, then you have never driven some of these (problematic) model years because they are only giving you headaches. Some of these model years are notorious for sources of issues, so if you want to buy second or used Kia Sorento, you should steer clear away from some of these years.


The Main Kia Sorento Years to Avoid

One of model years that you seriously need to avoid is the Sorento 2011. This model will only give you problems, and you will definitely drain out of your money dealing with it. Not only the engine becomes the main target of criticism and complaints, but there are also several transmission problems that make this model really an unfavorable one.

First of all, the AC has poor efficiency, making temperature adjustment a challenging task. And then, some owners experience faulty CD player where it would stop or skip operating. They aren’t able to enjoy their music while driving. As if it weren’t enough, the light for ‘check engine’ often blinks while the engine stalls quite often. The engine simply stammers right before stopping. Owners state that they hear ticking sound quite loudly when it happens.

Airbag and seat issues are included in the problems, putting drivers and passengers in the harm’s way. And then, there is issue with the lighting. Some people complain that their lights would turn on and off on their own at nights. This is definitely dangerous for night driving.


The 2016 Model Year

Another Sorento to avoid is the 2016 model year. Transmission is the biggest issue. Defective transmission is responsible for the lousy performance, including its inability shift gears. Not to mention that it also has electrical problem, leading to the car stalling out. Several owners complain about their AC, excessive oil usage, and stalling problem (which happens quite often during acceleration).

The most serious issue is the fact that engine often overheats, leading to sudden shut down that happens during a drive. Inadequate wiring is another problem at hand, with alternator that often fails accompanying it. It’s also quite strange that the battery depletes uncommonly fast, affecting the entire experience of the drive.


Final Words

Basically, it would be best if you can avoid buying Sorento from 2011 model year to 2016. These model years are problematic, and they won’t do you any good. Now that you already know Kia Sorento years to avoid, make sure that you don’t buy them – no matter how good the deal that you get.

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