Replace Transmission Solenoid Cost and Common Symptoms

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Replace Transmission Solenoid Cost and Common Symptoms

Knowing exactly how much it takes to replace transmission solenoid cost can help you get prepared, especially if you suspect that your ride is suffering from an issue. In general, the cost is pretty hefty. You are typically dealing with more than $200 of expense. That’s why it’s important to understand what it is all about and the common symptoms of the issue.


Replace Transmission Solenoid Cost: Knowing the Symptoms

The solenoids in the transmission help the system to function properly. The transition between gears can run well when the solenoids are ‘healthy’. However, just like other parts, solenoids can experience damage, malfunction, or they simply worn out. Once it happens, you will have to replace them.


In most common cases, the ‘bad’ transmission solenoid symptoms include:

  • Issues when doing upshift or downshift
  • Gear skipping
  • Gear stuck
  • Check engine light is on
  • Limp mode
  • Shifting delays
  • Transmission warning light is on


The Cost

In general, the cost to replace the solenoid may start from $150 to around $400 (or even higher). The vehicle type would also determine the cost. For instance, if your car utilizes single transmission (shift) solenoid, the cost may vary from $15 to around $100. If you have to deal with solenoid pack (generally all solenoids for a certain transmission or vehicle) may start from $65 to more than several hundreds of dollars.

In most cases, the labor takes between 2 and 4 hours, and the cost may vary from $60 an hour to around $100. The part itself can range from $15 for each solenoid to more than $100 per part. Here’s an example of a solenoid replacement cost, depending on the vehicle type. A 2008 BMW 330i may require solenoid pack replacement. The cost at repair shop may reach $635, while the cost at BMW dealership may reach $750. If you do a DIY project, the price may be from $245 to $265, while a DIY savings can reach $390 to around $485.

If you have a 2003 Chevy Suburban, it will require a shift solenoid replacement. The repair shop cost is around $175, while the cost at the dealership may reach $235. The DIY cost may be set between $35 and $45, while the DIY savings may be from $140 to $190.


Final Words

The best thing that you can do when you suspect solenoid damage is to take it to a trusted and reliable repair shop and let them check your car. Not only they will be able to provide the right diagnose, but they can also provide the best solution. Now that you know how much to replace transmission solenoid cost, you can start preparing for your budgets.

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