4 Best Electric Car Charging Station Map Applications in 2022

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4 Best Electric Car Charging Station Map Applications in 2022

Electric car charging station map is one application that will help you to find electric vehicle charging stations. Especially for new drivers who don’t know how to do the right tricks don’t run out of electric fuel for their cars while on the road.

4 Application Electric Car Charging Station Map in 2022

Here are the top 4 recommended apps to help you find the best electric vehicle charging stations this year:

1. Zap-Map


One application to find Chargepoint charge stations is Zap-Map. This app is the most popular electric vehicle (EV) driver route planner. Since its launch in 2014, Zap-Map currently covers approximately 70% of EV charging station points in the UK.

Some features offered by Zap-Map include a search, filter, EV charging station near me, community features, and a route planner. Zap-Map is also the winner of the ‘Best Electric Car App’ at 2022 Driving Electric Awards, as it has more than 25,000 charging locations and more than 47,000 connectors in its database.

2. Plugshare EV & Tesla Map

Plugshare EV & Tesla Map

Until 2022, the Plug Share EV & Tesla Map application has been downloaded by one million users worldwide. This international application helps you to find the location of charging stations around the world based on the area, network and connection used to assess your vehicle.

Some of the features offered by this Plugshare application are finding EV charging station costs and station locations and sharing experiences or reviews about EV stations that have been visited. These features can already enjoy at 533,000 charging stations in North America, Europe, and most of the world.

3. ChargePoint


ChargePoint is an app designed to help EV drivers find a connected L2 charging station at home. This application is available on all smart devices and allows users to find the nearest station through the ChargePoint network.

Some features of the ChargePoint application are a search engine, filters that display special units, charging costs, and notifications when the setting is complete. Chargepoint currently has 100,000 EV charging stations and is the largest app in North America and Europe.

4. EV Hotels

EV Hotels

Are you going to be traveling abroad and need information that provides an itinerary with 250,000 accommodation options equipped with charging facilities? So, the EV Hotels app is perfect for you as it can help you determine the best accommodation and the nearest power station.

Some of the features offered by this application are the ability to customize and filter maps, car brands, distance records, and suitable hotels. The EV Hotels app is available on Android and iOS, priced at £2.49 to access premium features.

Hopefully, this information can be a reference and useful for you. That’s the information about the four best applications to find an electric car charging station map in 2022.

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