Faulty Spark Plug Symptoms that You Need to Look Out For

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Faulty Spark Plug Symptoms that You Need to Look Out For

Once you notice faulty spark plug symptoms, it is best to address the issue soon because performing proper maintenance for this vital component is not something that should be neglected or overlooked. Healthy spark plug is linked to well-performing engine, as well as fuel efficiency and emission standards.

Here’s how to tell if a spark plug is faulty:

You notice something’s wrong during visual observation

Take off the spark plugs and compare them with a new one. They may need replacement if the electrodes or tip display worn-out appearance. Contamination of oil and fuel is also need to be checked, which requires spark plugs replacement if it exists, even though further inspection might be needed later to determine if it’s really caused by malfunctioning spark plug or other reasons.


You have trouble in starting the vehicle

If you notice that it requires significantly longer time to start the vehicle, especially when it’s cold, it’d be wise to check the spark plugs, fuel system parts, and the related ignition system. spark plugs develop excesses from unused oils and gasses that may reduce the vehicle’s performance and cause it to be difficult to start.


Your vehicle experiences rough idling

If you notice that the engine of your vehicle is noisy or running rough during idle state, then it might be caused by the problem in the ignition system, for examples if you heard loud rumbling when waiting in a drive-thru or pause at a stoplight. Note that rough idling can be caused by other components as well, such as ignition coils. The key is to examine the system, run a diagnosis, and determine which component is the culprit and should be replaced.


Engine misfire

It’s hard to miss engine misfire because it causes the engine to shake severely, often resulting in vibration across the vehicle. This problem can lead to worsened performance, decreased fuel efficiency, and more produces emissions. It’s also recommended to examine the whole system first before determining if the spark plugs are really the source of the problem.


Reduced fuel efficiency

This is one of the subtler faulty spark plug symptoms, especially worn-out ones. About 30% of fuel efficiency will be lost due to damaged spark plugs. That’s why spark plugs examination, along with other related components need to be carried when you suspect that the fuel economy of your vehicle has decreased.

The list above explains some signs that may indicate improperly functioning spark plug. However, note that there are plenty of causes that may show the same indications as the faulty spark plug symptoms, so a thorough inspection is required before you decide to replace any component.

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