Spark Plug Change Benefits for Engine Performance, Fuel Economy, and Waste Emissions

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Spark Plug Change Benefits for Engine Performance, Fuel Economy, and Waste Emissions

Spark plug change benefits are prominent, and it is no wonder that they are, because some vehicles practically will not start if this component doesn’t work properly. The benefits are linked directly to the engine performance. Faulty spark plugs may result in various crucial problems such as engine misfire during speed acceleration, extensive cold-starting, dropped fuel efficiency, and inability for the vehicle to reach its optimum potentials.

The size of spark plugs is actually small, but their functions can’t be underestimated. They are responsible to form electricity to ignite the air/fuel mixture inside the engine. It leads to energy production by the combustion, which is then used to power the pistons and get the vehicle to move. Moreover, they also have a huge role in helping to dissipating combustion chamber’s heat temperature through the cooling system.

Due to system issues or being worn-out, spark plugs’ performance might deteriorate over time. Overheating, contamination, or combustion may cause them to become fouled and lower their ability to perform the responsibilities mentioned above. These are why it is important to change spark plug. Not replacing this component when required will lead to widened gaps between electrodes in the plug, causing the spark to have to “hop” at bigger distance to ignite combustion. Widened gaps can result in choppy or irregular combustion.

Here are some of the primary, but certainly not all, benefits of changing spark plug

  • Stable and optimal combustion: Spark plugs that function properly help to encourage optimally working combustion system. Most issues related to engine performance can be eliminated if this is happened.
  • Increased fuel efficiency: According to a report by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, engine misfires caused by spark plugs will lower the fuel economy by thirty percent. Therefore, maximizing fuel efficiency is one of the biggest spark plug change benefits.
  • Powerful and smooth starts: You may notice the difference after getting a new spark plug when turning the ignition, especially if before replacement you frequently experienced jerky vehicle starts.
  • Decreased waste emissions: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a properly maintained vehicle, especially when it comes to spark plugs, will help to achieve better fuel economy and lower air pollution.

As soon as you notice any indications of spark plugs or when you simply remember that it’s time for your vehicle to get tune-up, it’s better to make an appointment with the local trustworthy mechanic shop. Aside from getting spark plug change benefits mentioned above, you can get other components of your vehicle to be inspected as well.

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