Ford PATS Bypass Guide to Follow if You Lose Your Car Key

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Ford PATS Bypass Guide to Follow if You Lose Your Car Key

Ford PATS bypass method can be useful as a temporary solution if the key of your car is missing and you need to get inside quick. Even though this system seems to be advanced and complicated, it’s actually not really hard to find a way around once you learn how to so.  In the following, you can read the easy step-by-step guide to bypass the PATS system.

Before getting into the instructions, let’s discuss about what PATS is first. Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS), which is more often referred to as SecuriLok by the company, is the immobilizer technology owned by Ford Motor Company. The technology began to come in certain models of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models in 1996. It involves keys equipped with a radio frequency transponder inserted in its head with specific digital identification code.

There’s an easy and quick anti-theft Ford pats bypass technique that you can use, as long as you have the transponder key. Essentially, this method requires you to use the transponder key to remove the chip embedded within the key, stick it to the ignition, and use practically any other compatible to activate the engine.

To proceed, you will need a new pair of compatible keys, a tape, and a screwdriver. Follow the provided guide of Ford PATS bypass method below:

  1. Use the screwdriver to get into the key system and take of the chip inside.
  2. Once you’ve removed the chip, position the transponder into the original position. Secure it by using a tape.
  3. Use the compatible key to activate the engine.

To prevent having to deal with such things, it is recommended to get duplicate keys for your vehicle, which are available at the dealer or a third party. The key must be compatible and programmed first before it can be used to start your vehicle. The programming process is done by putting in the original and new keys into the vehicle’s ignition. Reprogramming process for PATS I only requires one key, while PATS II requires two keys. By creating replacement keys, you can make sure that only you have the duplicate keys as the owner.

By now, you have learned the needed steps to bypass the PATS system for Ford vehicle that doesn’t require the original key. That being said, it’s crucial to note that the method above is not meant for a long-term solution. Moreover, performing Ford PATS bypass technique for your car can leave it vulnerable to automobile thieves.

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