Spark Plug Misfire Engine Causes, Effects, and Recommended Fixes

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Spark Plug Misfire Engine Causes, Effects, and Recommended Fixes

Someone who has worked on a car before sure have come across spark plug misfire before, or at least engine misfire for other possible reasons. There are a lot of things that can trigger misfire in engine aside such as ignition coils, but let’s get specifically into what happened if the spark plugs are the culprit.

Engine misfire is usually caused by problem in the ignition system, or it can be due to a sensor faulty in cars with recent model years. Damaged spark plugs’ tip or wire is also some of the most common source of this problem. Some signs of misfire in engine are periodic grumbling or stumbling sounds. If the problem is not resolved for a considerable length of time, the vehicle will suffer from decreased fuel economy, dropped engine power, and increased exhaust emissions.

Spark itself is an essential component to ignite fuel in the combustion chambers of ICE-powered vehicles. The purpose of spark plugs is to send electrical signal from the ignition coil at a set time to form a spar that incite the mixture of air/fuel within the combustion chamber. Different vehicle uses different spark plug type made of different materials and gap arranged during installation by a mechanic. Well-function spark plugs burn fuel effectively, while malfunctioning ones may cause the engine to refuse starting.

Similar to air filters, fuel filters, and motor oil, spark plugs also need maintenance and regular service to make the engine performs well. In the US, majority of vehicles require spark plugs replacement every 30,000-50,000 miles. That being said, there are newer vehicles equipped with more modern ignition systems that doesn’t require spark plugs replacement. Despite of claims made or warranties given by automaker companies, there are situations where a spark plug can malfunction or wear out, including spark plug misfire engine.

So, what happens when a spark plug misfire engine? As mentioned above, it will result in inefficient fuel usage and waste. This is why it’s better to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

For information, there is no one single solution for engine misfires. It is recommended to visit mechanic or service shop to get the engine diagnosed fully. If it’s indeed spark plug that causes the condition, there are a range options you may get offered to make it happen less often. During the spark plug misfire engine checks, it’s also a good idea to get other engine components observed by the mechanic man to make sure they’re in good condition as well.

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