How to Open Gas Tank on RAV4 in 3 Simple Steps

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How to Open Gas Tank on RAV4 in 3 Simple Steps

Wondering how to open gas tank on RAV4? Having such question to ask is normal if you aren’t familiar with this specific Toyota production model, such as when you’re driving a rental car. Even some owners of RAV4 admit that they also encounter this trouble every once in a while.

Ever since the RAV4 was introduced, Toyota designed with two locations for the fuel tank release switch and finding its location on newer models can be surprisingly tricky. There are two reasons behind this: the switch is not placed at easy to see spot and the fact that it’s positioned right next to the identical-looking hood release switch.

If you need to know how to open gas tank on RAV4 2019 and above, try following the guide below:

Pull the gas tank release switch

Locate the gas tank release switch at the bottom area of the dashboard, by the left of the steering wheel. You will find two similar-looking switches. The switch for fuel door release is the one placed on the left.


Take of the fuel filler cap

Remove the fuel filler cap by turning it to the left and simply put in on the designated holder within the fuel door before proceeding with the filling the gas.


Replace the fuel filler cap and shut back the fuel door

After the filling gas process is done, replace the fuel filler cap by twisting it to the right and it makes a clicking sound to indicate secureness. Shut back the fuel door afterwards.

The guide above explains how to open gas tank on RAV4 newer models, starting from the 2019 model year. What about the older models, though? The steps are essentially similar, except easier. The fuel tank release switch on older RAV4 is located in a more common place, which is close the bottom of the driver’s seat, on the left section to be exact. You can then follow the rest of the steps provided on the previous guide to proceed with the process of filling your vehicle’s gas tank.

It is actually quite simple once you learn where to locate the fuel tank release switch, right? The essential steps to perform this action between older and newer Toyota RAV4 models are actually near the same, if not for the different position of the switch. Now that you’ve learned how to open gas tank on RAV4, you can drive with an easier mind.

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