Spark Plug Gap for Chevy 350 Specifications from Its Gap to Its Firing Order

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Spark Plug Gap for Chevy 350 Specifications from Its Gap to Its Firing Order

What is the spark plug gap for Chevy 350? If you wonder about this, don’t worry. You have come to the right place.

According to some sources, the gap of spark plug gap for a Chevy 350 will be around 0.35” if the engine is carbureted. However, if it is an engine with an electronic ignition, the gap might be bigger. The gap is predicted to be around 0.45” to 0.6”.

You may wonder, what does a bigger spark plug do? Larger gap in spark plug means it will take longer to move between two electrodes. Hence, this will inhibit the firing time to be more efficient.

So, what does it mean when the spark plug gap is 0.35” does it considered as small? Yes, this can be considered as a small gap. Therefore, the ignition isn’t hard to be made. But that results on a higher voltage needed to fire.

In the flip side, if the engine spark plug has a wide gap, it may result in a greater stain on parts with high voltage, as well as in its wires, distributor, coils, and many others. This will result the ignition to fail often.

Does it mean good to have a wider gap? Sources out there say that it is good nor bad. But it should not be that big nor small. Hence, 0.6” gap is considered right, not for Chevy 350 only.

What about the specification spark plug for Chevy 350? Below is the quick glance of this spark plug specification:

  • When it is used
    The 350-block engine is appearing first as a high-performing V8 option for Chevy Camaro 1967. Two years away, all Chevy vehicles used the 350 engine and there are eight the spark plugs used to be placed there.
  • Spark plug gap
    Just as mentioned earlier, the spark plug gap in this engine is around 0.35”. This is the same for all vehicles using Chevy 350.
  • Spark plug torque
    Torque is an important aspect of spark plugs since it affects the spark plug capacity to withstand the combustion chamber heat. For Chevy 350, the correct torque is 20 ft.-lbs.
  • Size
    From its release at 1967, the engine is equipped with 14 mm spark plugs.
  • Firing order
    Eight cylinders of Chevy 350 engine needs a spark on the right time. According to sources, the firing order of this engine is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

So, those are some information you may need about the spark plug gap in Chevy 350 engine. Hope this information about spark plug gap for Chevy 350.

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