Husqvarna Spark Plug Chart: How to Find It and Some Examples

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Husqvarna Spark Plug Chart

How is the way to get Husqvarna spark plug chart easily? Well, you can find it easily online. All you need is to follow this instruction below.

  1. First, make sure to connect your computer or smartphone to internet.
  2. If you are already connected to the internet, you can open your internet browser.
  3. Then, type Husqvarna spark plug chart on the address bar. Then press Enter to start your search.
  4. You will find many results. Read one by one to get the best result for your inquiry.

Let’s say you are searching a Husqvarna spark plug chart that is used motorcycle, you will find pages that offer you information of the specification of the spark plug.

The information about spark plug typically will be served as follows:

Husqvarna 701 Enduro

  • Standard plug : LKAR8BI-9 (Inner)
  • Iridium plug : LMAR7A-9 (Outer)
  • Electrode gap : 0.9 mm


Husqvarna SM 510 R

  • Standard plug : NGK CR8EB
  • Iridium plug : NGK CR8EIX
  • Electrode gap : 0.7 mm


Husqvarna SVARTPILEN 701

  • Standard plug : outer LMAR7DI-10
  • Iridium plug : inner LKAR9BI-10
  • Electrode gap : 1.0 mm


Husqvarna TE 630

  • Standard plug : NGK CR8EB
  • Iridium plug : NGK CR8EIX
  • Electrode gap : 0.6 mm


Husqvarna VITPILEN 701

  • Standard plug : outer LMAR7DI-10
  • Iridium plug : Inner LKAR9BI-10
  • Electrode gap : 1.0 mm

What is the difference between standard plug and iridium plug? As you may have guessed, the greatest difference lies on the central electrode. On the standard spark plug, you will see that it is a copper central electrode. In contrast, the iridium spark plug—as its name, uses iridium.

Compared to copper, iridium has a better capacity to spark without compromising its life. This is because iridium is harder compared to copper. Compared to copper spark plug, iridium spark plug can last for 50,000 miles. Even if the person is having the engine to run until it reaches 100,000 miles.

In contrast, copper spark plug can typically remain strong up until 20,000 miles only. Even it can be less, which is predicted to be only at 16,000 miles.

Both metals are great in terms of conductivity. However, iridium has more hardness—as said, it will help the spark plug to last longer. It also requires less voltage. Hence, it means that they have better starting and idling performance.

So, that is some information about spark plug Husqvarna chart. Hope you find some insight after reading this article about Husqvarna spark plug chart.

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