Spark Plug Dielectric Grease: What It Is, Its Benefits, and How to Apply It

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Spark Plug Dielectric Grease

As the owner of automotive product, you may think that you need spark plug dielectric grease. Well, that’s not truly the case. The automotive industry yet to claim that dielectric grease is necessary thing to keep your spark plugs ‘healthy’.

Despite the claim, many people think it is a useful grease to have and to grease your spark plugs with.

Before going too far, let’s learn what’s called as dielectric grease. Dielectric grease is a grease that is having the capacity to transmit electric force without any previous conduction process. This grease is widely used as lubricant.

Aside from being known as grease that has the property to transmit electric force, this type of grease is also known for being a tune-up grease. As a tune-up grease, you can prevent voltage leaks in the ignition systems coming with high-energy.

Should you use spark plug dielectric grease? Well, you can use it. The grease itself is a multi-purpose substance which is great to defend against corrosion and dirt. Surely, it will preserve the quality of your vehicle components as well as its components.

Therefore, you can rely on it to prevent foreign materials like sand, dirt, dust, etc. from gluing onto the conductor. Aside from that, this grease will help the conductor to avoid transmitting a current between the connection points.

How does this type of grease work? It actually just works like other type of lubricant. The product will protect the electrical connections from any corroding agent like water and moisture. Aside from that, you can also set aside the rubber gaskets from having itself dried and cracked.

Dielectric grease is also found commonly with spark plugs. Hence, it makes the plugs to enter the ceramic containers as well as protecting it from foreign materials.

Aside being used in spark plugs, dielectric grease is also used in some other connectors and terminals. For example, heat shrink terminals, rings, spades, as well as butt connectors.

How to apply it?

It is pretty straightforward to apply this grease on spark plugs. You can do it as follows.

  1. Prepare a cotton swab and apply a small amount of this dielectric grease onto it.
  2. Then, apply it to the inside the boot part of spark plug with a circular movement. Ensure a whole coverage of it.
  3. Keep small amount of it to coat the spark plug.

So, that’s a bit about spark plug dielectric oil. Hopefully you will find this article beneficial to learn more about spark plug dielectric grease.

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