Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package: What Is It? Is It Worthy to Get That Package?

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Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package

If you are purchasing a Ford Bronco, one package that you may have heard is called Bronco Sasquatch package. You may wonder what on earth is this packaging means? Is it something that is mandatory to purchase?

Well, oftentimes carmakers are issuing certain packages to install on the base model of a certain car. This means, the installation of a certain package itself isn’t mandatory. If you are willing to upgrade your car, you can pick the package and the carmaker will need time to arrange the package to be installed on your car.

In terms of Ford Bronco, there is this package called as Bronco Sasquatch package. As stated on the carmaker’s official website, you can get that the package is available on all Bronco models, except Ford Bronco Raptor.

What does the package include? Well, check the details below so you can learn what’s available for this package:

  • It has several turn-key off-road features. With this, it is said that you don’t need to piece it together on your own.
  • Additionally, there will be a large 35-inch tires.
  • You will also get an electronic-locking rear and front axles, which will result in a final drive ratio on 4.7.
  • HOSS 2.0 System with included fender flares and Bilstein Position Sensitive Dampers.

All these components will work together to help you get the best, ultimate driving experience you can get on any types of terrain.

You may be starting to wonder whether this Ford Bronco Sasquatch package price will cost you much. Well, it sure is a hefty price tag for adding the Sasquatch package. But with those features to offer, it surely will make your drive to be better than just driving the basic model.

According to a source, the addition Sasquatch package costs $5,000. Just to give you an insight: there is a trim with a higher price tag called Ford Bronco Wildtrak. With this package, surely you need to spend more cash to upgrade your car.

Higher price definitely comes with a better quality of the car. The engine of that in Wildtrak will be changed into a powerful 2.7-L engine from the basic 2.3-L. The LED will also be stylized differently. Plus, the tech and its interior got a plethora of upgrades.

With all those, the price of Wildtrak trim is predicted to be around $48,500. If the base model itself starts at $30,000, adding the Sasquatch package will still benefit you in terms of budget spent compared to getting a Wildtrak trim.

Again, it doesn’t matter what option you are choosing: the Ford Bronco Sasquatch package or the higher trim Wildtrak—the budget is what matters the most.

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