Cadillac 500 Crate Engine, and What You Need to Know about This Engine

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Cadillac 500 Crate Engine, and What You Need to Know about This Engine

Cadillac is not only a carmaker but also a manufacturer of spare parts, including the Cadillac 500 crate engine. Interestingly, this engine had been used in many cars apart from the Cadillac cars itself.

Believe it or not, it even became the powertrain of many well-known cars. To mention one, there is Buick car that has been powered with this Cadillac 500 engine. The car name is Buick Regal.

The car was a mid-size car, which was produced for around three decades (1973-2004). The car itself was categorized as a mid-size car, yet premium. After it pauses the production in 2004, it made its comeback in 2011. The re-production of Buick Regal, which was built on Cadillac 500, was ended in 2020. While in China, the car is still manufactured even until now.

One source mentioned that the Cadillac 500 crate engine can put out a jaw-dropping 806 HP and a 747 lb-ft of torque. The engine features a stock crankshaft, JE forged pistons, as well as Scat 6.750” connecting rods. All these built a compression ratio of 13.0:1.

The engine also has a substantial camshaft as well as a huge Holley carb of 1,050 cfm. With this build, the 500-crate engine is proven to be able to become an engine capable of handling tons of power.

You may wonder how Cadillac could make a massive engine—or maybe begin to wonder when did Cadillac make this car engine. Well, according to several sources, the 500 cu in engine is produced in the 1970. Even at that time, the manufacturer managed to fit a crankshaft with a 4.304 in stroke.

That being said, the total displacement of the engine increased from the previously 472 cu in (which is equal to 7.7 L) to 500.02 cu in (made short into approximately 500 cu in). The measurement itself equals to 8.2 L of displacement.

The engine itself was manufactured only for a short time since there are more and more invention and innovation from the carmaker. The first release of this engine is in 1970, and the car using this engine is said to have a maximum power production of 400 HP (298 KW) at rated 4,400 rpm. While for the torque, it is 550 lb-ft or equal to 746 NM at 3,000 rpm.

As the year progressed, the engine seems to make the engine better and better although it means they need to decrease the maximum power production. Just like that, in the final year of Cadillac 500 crate engine production year (1976), the 8.2-L displacement was set capable to make a maximum power od 190 HP (equal to 172 kW) at a rated 3,600 rpm.

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