How to Do Ford F150 Blend Door Actuator Reset?

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How to Do Ford F150 Blend Door Actuator Reset

Why you need to do Ford F150 blend door actuator reset? Well, there are several reasons that you need a reset on the Ford F150’s blend door actuator. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why you need a blend door actuator reset in Ford F150 as well as the short step by step about how to do reset the blend door actuator. More on that in the details below.

Reasons to reset the blend door actuator in Ford F150

There are three reasons as an indicator that you need to reset F150 blend door actuator. The reasons are explained as follows:

  1. You are installing a new actuator
    If you are installing a new blend door actuator, then you need to reset it. Performing this Ford F150 blend door actuator reset will help you to set and adjust the position settings and make the operation accurate so you can get the best from your HVAC system.
  2. After an electrical or mechanical fault
    One source mentioned that the actuator gears are small in size, yet they need to do a heavy duty which is to put a force in order to move the door in HVAC duct according to the driver cabin’s chosen settings.

    As time progressed, these gears will become worn out. It may also get stuck. If this happens, the ‘first aid’ you can do is to reset the F150 blend door actuator. In addition, the incorrect position of these gears may also lead to further malfunction, although it may not necessarily make the engine to become malfunctioned.

  3. Out of calibration
    If you are removing the power which leads to the HVAC control module, the air duct control may need to be recalibrated. It may be optional, but resetting it is highly advised so you can get it onto its precise position.

Now that you have known what reasons you need to do in order to reset the Ford F150 blend door actuator, listed below is the step-by-step of how to reset the actuator.

  1. Access the assembly of actuator
  2. Make it aligned correctly with the blend door
  3. Make sure to disconnect the power fuse for HVAC control module
  4. Then, turn on the engine of your Ford F150
  5. Continue by turning on the AC cycle
  6. Turn off the truck’s engine, then make sure to connect the fuse connecting the HVAC module
  7. Finally, make sure to perform calibration.

So, those are the procedures of resetting a blend door actuator on Ford F150. The procedure of F150 blend door actuator reset can be a bit overwhelming, so consider contacting a professional if you think this procedure is hard to do.

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