416 Stroker: How It Works to Bump Up the Car’s Horsepower

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416 Stroker

Utilizing 416 stroker kit can help in increasing the power of your LS engines. Even though these engines are well known to puts out great power, you’ve got a chance to elevate it even more. One of the most effective ways to do this is by stroking the engine. As you may have known already, engines essentially pump air, so the more air that it pumps, the more torque that can be produced. Throw in some additional rpm and it will result in increasing horsepower.

Originally, the LS3 features a 4” bore, 6” rods, and 3.6” crank, which produces 376 cu-in or 6.2 L. Of course, there is a room to add even more displacement in a safe way.

To cite basic high-school level geometry principle, the cylinder’s base multiplied by the height will result in the sum volume. As mentioned above, internal combustion engines are essentially air pumps. Opting for larger cylinders means more air and fuel can be ingested, which will increase cylinder volume and in turns the engine displacement. It is amongst the best methods to bump up the horsepower potential. A larger engine will produce more power and torque, assuming that the cylinder heads and intake manifold are working properly, compared to smaller engine regardless of the rpm. Luckily, the big bore block of the LS3 engine makes it extremely easy to perform engine displacement.

In 2007, GM chose to refresh things up by replacing the 6.2L block in the Cadillac Escalade supported by L92 engine. The basically same block is utilized in the LS3, which features an even larger bore at 4” and creates economic displacement for enthusiasts. As simple job as honing the bores and installing crank can elevate the displacement from 376 cu-in to 416 cu-in.

According to a professional, the 416 stroker has become an extremely popular combination. It created possibility to assemble a motor with large displacement without having to dig deep into the wallet for a LS7 block. Even up until currently, the 6.2L block provides the largest size of bore for the money value. The 416 stroker LS3 popularity is becoming even more prevalent now that it is installed into the 5th generation Camaro.

In terms of price, this specific stroker motor costs about $11,500. It can be made even cheaper given that you have your own core heads and block. Another great advantage of using 416 stroker is that it doesn’t look far different just by looking at the outer appearance.

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