2008 Honda Accord TPMS Reset Guide in A Few Easy Steps

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2008 Honda Accord TPMS Reset Guide in A Few Easy Steps

Looking for a guide that can help you to perform 2008 Honda Accord TPMS reset? Chance is, you will need one when you notice that even though your tires have been topped off the air, the indicator light on the dash is still illuminating.

Let’s discuss about the TPMS system first. Following the 2007 TREAD act, each vehicle manufactured in the USA has to be installed with TPMS system starting in 2008. Depending on the year of your Honda Accord, it might be equipped with a direct or indirect TPMS system.

2008 to 2012 Honda Accord model years features direct TPMS system. Direct TPMS means that there are sensors installed in the wheel that will transmit information to the car’s engine control unit in case one or more tires suggest low pressure condition. Either the indicator light will turn on or the individual tire pressure will display on the dash, depending if the vehicle features low- or high-line TPMS system.

Theoretically speaking, if the tires are inflated properly, the pressure light should not turn on. However, if it won’t go off, you can follow the guide on how to reset TPMS light on 2008 Honda Accord below:

  1. Reset the sensor by driving at or above 50 miles/hour for around 10 minutes. The sensor will potentially reset by the next time you start the vehicle.
  2. Turn off the vehicle engine, but keep the key on the ‘On’ position without starting the vehicle. Press the TPMS button, until the light flickers three times before releasing it. Turn the engine on and wait approximately 20 minutes until the sensor is resetting itself.
    Note: The TPMS button is located on the left side of the steering wheel but if you cannot find it, try checking it in the vehicle user’s manual.
  3. Inflate each tire to 3 psi beyond the suggested amount then deflate all of them entirely. Re-inflate the tires again after they’ve been deflated for a while to the suggested pressure level.
    Note: Make sure to do this to the spare tire as well as it might feature a sensor too.
  4. While the car engine is turned off, detach the positive battery cable using a wrench. Start the engine again and press the horn button for three seconds approximately to use up all the power in the vehicle. Connect the battery again afterwards.

The 2008 Honda Accord TPMS reset procedure might be needed if the light flashes warning light. This indicates either a nearly dying battery or an issue with one of the sensors. Regardless, repairing the sensors or replacing the sensors’ battery is far more complicated than the regular maintenance.

That being said, if the problem with the TPMS persists, it is recommended to bring your vehicle to the service center. Hopefully though, your problem can be resolved by following the 2008 Honda Accord TPMS reset guide above.

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