Brake Scraping Noise Causes, What to Do, and How to Prevent It

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Brake Scraping Noise Causes, What to Do, and How to Prevent It

What does it mean if you hear brake scraping noise? Well, that can mean many things. It can be something as trivial as a foreign object, or maybe your engine is lacking oil. Find out what may cause your brake to make scraping noise.

When your brake makes a scraping sound, it calls for a check, literally don’t ignore it. If you keep the brake scraping noise stays for a longer time, that could damage your vehicle. But what may cause the brake to emit such sound?

There are basically two reasons that your brake making a scraping noise. First, it is your rotor disc who is to blame as it rubs together with the caliper. The second reason is coming from the foreign object happened to be somewhere in your caliper.

For both reasons causing the grinding noise, you should never ignore it at all. If it is your rotor disc that is rubbing with the caliper, it simply means that your brake pads have worn out and asking you to change it. To be simply put, it is not a good condition to keep—hence you need to make sure that you change it soon as you hear the sound. Otherwise, it would make you to cost more as more repairs may come if the condition left untreated.

What if the reason is something foreign lodged inside the caliper? If the sound is pretty constant when you are driving, then it could be something small like gravel, rock, or literally any debris. Although the reason is as simple as that, it is better if you are getting rid of it. Just like the previous reason, that would be best to have it fixed ASAP to avoid making further damage to your braking system.

Well, you should not ignore the noise. Braking system is an undeniably important system which you have on your vehicle. Without it, you may go into a life-threatening deal, which we surely don’t want to encounter. Hence, when it seems that there is a problem, you better not to ignore it.

Making your way to the professional would be the best solution to do especially if you are unaware of how to fix this problem. The second mentioned reason could be simple and you can get something out yourself, but if the condition still persists, you may consider checking the caliper and rotor disc could rub together.

Aside from that, it is highly encouraged if you routinely put your vehicle into service. That way, you can avoid such problem, which if left untreated, it may result in higher maintenance fee just for any brake scraping noise as mentioned.

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