Cannondale Quick Women’s Bike Overview, An Excellent Choice for Women

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Cannondale Quick Women’s Bike Overview, An Excellent Choice for Women

Planning to purchase a Cannondale Quick Women’s bike? Make sure to read the details first before purchasing it. This bike is a sporty bike which is perfect not only for working out, but also for simply getting out while also city cruising. That said, its design is made perfectly to be an in-town bike. Since it comes with several sizes, you can choose the bike according to your self-size.

The sizes mentioned will include XS, SM, MD and LG—all of which will corresponds to extra small, small-medium, medium, and large. If you want to know which Cannondale Quick Women’s bike is perfect for you, you can even get to know which size is your best fit.

The size of your bike can be chosen according to how tall you are. The details of which size for what height will be as follows:

  • XS size will be perfect for ones with a height of 147-160 cm (4 ft 10” – 5 ft 3”)
  • SM size will be suitable for ones with a height of 157-170 cm (5 ft 2” – 5 ft 7”)
  • MD size will be great for ones with a height of 165-177 cm (5 ft 5” – 5 ft 10”)
  • LG size will work fine on people with a height of 175-187 cm (5 ft 9” – 6 ft 2”)

You can as well contact the manufacturer’s customer service at 1-800-245-3872 to help you while choosing the size specific for your body build.

What’s the perks of purchasing this bike? Well, there are many perks you can get once you purchase this bike.

  1. You can get a versatile bike for all purposes. Using this bike, you can just ride it to wander around the city or going to work. Alternatively, you can as well use it for harder rides given it is equipped with features enabling you to do so.
  2. It is comfortable to use. The Cannondale Women’s bike is equipped with bump-absorbing micro-suspension SAVE to help reduce bumps while braking.
  3. The Quick bike is quick. The bike is said to be a lightweight one, compared to its competitors. The bike is also agile and comfortable enough to take. With such excellent design, you will be able to feel confident while handling the bike.
  4. There is a great feature called integrated wheel sensor in this bike. With this sensor, you will be able to track your activity, such as speed, distance covered, and calories burned.

So those are some details about this Cannondale for women. Are you sure to skip this Cannondale Quick Women’s bike?

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