Ram 1500 Long Tube Headers Types and Their Characteristics

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Ram 1500 Long Tube Headers Types and Their Characteristics

Installing Ram 1500 long tube headers helps to elevate the power and torque output of the pickup truck better than using the standard stock cast manifold, at least that’s what generally believed in the world of hot rodding. However, beyond simply using the largest pipe available out there, there is so much more to consider regarding the optimization of the escaping exhaust from the motor’s combustion chamber. So, before you spend your hard-earned dollars to buy a set of tubes for your Ram 1500 truck, here is a list that gets you familiar with various types of long tube headers.

4-into-1 Long-Tube

This is the most widely available long-tube header in the street and race items aftermarket that more people are familiar with. It has a benefit of being able to decrease the cylinder’s backpressure significantly, because different exhaust gasses are separated into each of their respective pipes. It is also able to prevent the exhaust to cross-flow between cylinders due to the length.

Some may consider that it is the best long tube headers 5.7 Hemi Ram 1500 due to its versatility of being suitable for diverse length, diameter, and shape. Basically, the 4-into-1 long tube header is the go-to design for majority of street and race cars.


Tri-Y Long-Tube

The design of tri-Y long tube header combines synchronization of a cylinder with a short primary tube that go through 2-into-1 merge collector to a wider secondary tube. The tubes then merged into the ultimate 2-into-1 merge collector, resulting in a comparable long tube header length as a 4-into-1 configuration.

The regular tri-Y design is highly effective for street application because it helps to gain extra torque to 4,500 to 5,000 rpm. Aside from that, it is also favored by road racers and auto-crossers due to its ability to raise throttle response and medium torque too.



Last but not least type of Ram 1500 long tube headers list is the mid-length headers, which originally was created as an alternative to the short tube but excluding the issue of ground clearance that’s typical with long tube ones. It holds the collector and tubes beyond the chassis but with longer length of primary tube.

Choosing mid-length tube headers allows you to obtain usable power than using short tube headers, but with less tunability compared to the two previously mentioned types.

The first and foremost consideration to choose the long tube headers type is its physical suitability with your pickup truck. The list of Ram 1500 long tube headers above may help you to make more sound decision regarding the headers.

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