Car Infested with Ants: Four Effective Solutions to End the Problem

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Car Infested with Ants

Have you ever encountered a situation where you find your car infested with ants? Unfortunately, this is not exactly the rarest occurrence to happen to a four-wheeled vehicle. Not taking any action and letting the problem continue for a long term may result in serious damage.

Luckily, the problem is not entirely impossible to tackle. Here is a list of simple things you can do to eliminate the tiny pests.

Clean the car extensively

The very first step you have to take when you have noticed your car has been ridden with ants is to clean it thoroughly. Get rid of all foods, bottles, and other trashes then vacuum the inside clear. Wipe and clean the surfaces, including the glass and area beneath the seats, gaps between the seats, below the floor mats, and all storage areas.


Use DIY or store-bought remedies.

There are a dozen of options when it comes to home remedies to treat car infested with ants. One of them is the soap cleaning solution, which you can make by mixing 2 cups of warm water, 3 tbs. of soap, and 3 tbs. of salt, then put the mixture inside the spray bottle to spray those ants down. Cleaner with citrus as base ingredients can also ensure that the insects won’t enjoy hanging out in your car. However, if DIY solutions don’t work, you may want to try for ant-bait, ant-traps, or ant-killing spray that are available in your local retail store.


Search the nests.

The most likely reason behind vehicle infested with ants’ issue is because they consider it as a possible source of food or water. The ants find these necessities through scent, so their home base probably located nearby your car. Demolish the home base right away if you see one in your driveway to encourage them depart somewhere.


Move your parking spot.

Aside from tackling the issue right where it is situated, it will be wise idea as well to change where you park your vehicle. This way, the ants will be confused and no longer able to track and chase the scent trails of your car.

It is important to act quickly if you notice that there are ants in your vehicle because this issue can get out of hand fast. Try to follow the guide to solve the problem of car infested with ants and you’ll get your ride pest-free again in no time.

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