Manx Dune Buggy for Sale, How to Spot a Fake Unit of It?

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Manx Dune Buggy for Sale, How to Spot a Fake Unit of It

Do you plan to purchase that Manx Dune Buggy for sale online? Don’t rush—think about it first. It is true that you got the money and the car is still there, waving hands at you. However, is it the authentic Meyers Manx Dune Buggy? You sure need to know how to differentiate one by knowing the details about the original car.

It is said that a Manx Meyers original, the antique one, has a worth of some hundred thousand dollars. Indeed, this amount can be pretty wowing for us. The public simply loves it, but after a while and a dispute, the builder was sent away from the company. This, makes the production of Manx Meyers got stopped after 5,280 units.

Only 5,000 something units make this car pretty rare nowadays, especially that we are in the era of SUVs, compact city cars, and all tech related to it (calling PHEV, full EV, or such). Hence, it is important to learn to spot a fake Meyers Manx dune buggy for sale.

Serial number

Serial number plays a great thing in identifying a car. For this case, most Manxes have a serial number attached to it, but in 1966-1967 the car has no serial number. So, if the seller claims that the car was released within those years, then make sure about this first.

The designs

The knockoff car has pretty much minor yet unnoticeable. However, there are things you can learn about the original piece of this car that should help you differentiate it from the fake.

  • The dashboard of an early production of Manx is made from ABS plastic which was surrounded by a steel frame. This can be found inside a hood made from fiberglass.
  • Notice a small bump you can see on its nose. This bump is sized 2 x 2.5 inches (width and tall, respectively). Black and silver emblem made of plastic is covering the bump. Aside from that, there are no other bumps available; not any furrows, ridges, or any air scoops.
  • The authentic license for plate is quite easy to spot from its knockoff version.
  • Got a Manx II? Then the serial number should start off with an A. If it is produced before Meyers left the company, there will be some units using stiffening tubes under its fenders, but not the ones produced after Meyers’ left.
  • If you got a Manx II, it can be identified by a larger bump found on the hood. But, these models are quite flat around the seating area.

There are still many considerations you need to pay attention to before purchasing this car. We hope this guide helps you in spotting a fake Manx Dune Buggy for sale.

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