SSR 70cc Dirt Bike Specs, Perfect Dirt Bike for Young Bikers

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SSR 70cc Dirt Bike Specs, Perfect Dirt Bike for Young Bikers

What is a SSR 70cc dirt bike? As mentioned in its name, this dirt bike is made by SSR Motorsports. This manufacturer is based in the United States and has been known to produce lots of pit bikes lines. Besides producing pit bikes, they also manufacture off-road bikes, play bikes, and ATVs.

Then comes the details. Let’s learn what specification a SSR 70cc dirt bike has to offer. According to a source, this dirt bike is a perfect bike for younger kids that want to ‘play dirt’ using a motorbike. The size of this motorbike is not too high yet not too low, or in short word: just perfect.

It also comes with a semi-automatic transmission, making the dirt bike is easy to handle without needing much to worry. According to its official website, this small dirt bike has two trims offered, which is the SR70C and SR70AUTO. Both offer the same engine displacement which is 70-cc, but they are different in its transmission type.

The SR70C is coming with a 4-down semi-automatic transmission. While the other trim, SR70AUTO, is paired up with full-automatic transmission type. With two types of transmission type, you can choose whichever type you feel fine to use.

You may also wonder what the maximum speed of this car is. According to sources, this SSR 70 cc dirt bike will be capable to go with a maximum speed of 40-45 mph. Put more effort onto it, you can even exceed the speed mentioned: which is 50 mph. However, it is advised to go with 35-40 mph only as it is the practical limits many bikers have as limit.

What is the height of this bike? Despite its unique size that makes it looks small, the SSR 70cc bike has a height of ground clearance of 6 inches with a wheelbase sized 43 inches. As per the seat height, it has a height of 22.5 inches.

People have its review on this dirt bike is a great one for their lovely kids. The dirt bike is said to be perfect for ones aged 6-8, although it may be OK for kids slightly older than 8. If you want to purchase this item, their official website mentioned that this dirt bike is sold with an MSRP of $929.00 for SR70C. As for the SR70AUTO, the price is slightly higher which is $959.00.

So, what do you think of this dirt bike? Will you bring SSR 70cc dirt bike as a birthday gift, or maybe a Christmas gift for your kids?

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