93 Octane Gas Stations and Why You Better Find One for Your New Car

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93 Octane Gas Stations and Why You Better Find One for Your New Car

They say, you better find any 93 octane gas stations to make your car runs smoother. While that is quite easy to do, if you don’t know what’s the urgency of using a fuel with high octane number, you may think it is a useless thing to do. In fact, finding a gas station with high octane number and get your car refueled there is a good decision to keep your car well-maintained.

You can find 93 octane gas stations near your place simply by typing the keyword on the search engine. Typically, your search result will also come with brand names, but we will not disclose the brands in this article.

So, let’s just talk about what on earth octane number does to your engine. First of all, we should know what kind of number it is. To make it short, an octane number is a number showing you the quality of the fuel itself. Technically speaking, the number is used to measure the stability of a specific fuel. The number is the average of two octane rating methods: which are the research octane rating (RON), and the motor octane rating (MOR).

What is the highest number of octane fuel? As you get closer to 100, it means the octane rating/number is getting higher as well. Many may think the octane level will not be higher than 100, but that’s not the fact. There are various types of fuels which comes with octane ratings better than 100 (more than 110, to give you the fact). For example, LPG, racing fuels, and alcohol fuels like methanol will have 110 as its octane number and even higher.

In general, retail fuel stations in the United States sell three grades of fuel:

  • Regular
    This one has the lowest octane rating, which is typically around 87.
  • Medium grade (often referred as midgrade)
    Compared to the regular grade, this one is higher. The octane rating will be around 89-90.
  • Premium grade
    As you may expect, you will get this as the highest grade you ever have. However, premium grade fuels may not surpass 100. The highest-octane number that goes with this category is 91-93. Recently, you can find many best 93 octane gas stations.

If you don’t want to remember numbers, companies will usually use the term: ‘unleaded’, ‘super premium’, or maybe just ‘super’.

The higher-octane number means the more stable the fuel is. This will result in healthier engine as well. With that in mind, no wonder why there are more car manufacturers often saying that your car needs to only get into 93 octane gas stations.

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