Stretched Bags for Street Glide: What You Can Find from Harley Davidson Store

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Black standard Line Compact Saddlebags 1

Do you want to purchase the right stretched bags for Street Glide? Well, you can find many of those in marketplace out there. You can find out ones with various prices, starting from low and going up to hundreds of dollars.

To find the right stretched bags for Street Glide can be tricky. To ease you while purchasing your stretched bags, getting it offline is the best way as you can directly see the product. But if you are a fan of online shopping, you can purchase these stretched bags (a.k.a. saddlebags) by visiting your favorite marketplaces.

As Street Glide is a part of Harley Davidson lineup, will the manufacturer have its own official saddlebags for Street Glide? Turns out, you can find many from their website. Here are several products that the manufacturer makes.


H-D Detachable Leather Saddlebags with Nostalgic Style

Just as its name convey, you can have these saddlebags coming with a retro look. Moreover, the saddlebags are made from leather; hence, you should expect a magnificent look from these saddlebags. Just be ready to prepare around $875 to purchase this product.

With a brass finish, this product features a lid (also made in leather) and a body reinforced with vinyl. The luggage capacity is pretty nice with 2,170 cubic inches in total. To install these, you will need to purchase the related mounting hardware as well.


Adventure Soft Saddlebags

Adventure Soft Saddlebags 2

Planning to have an off-road trip with your Street Glide? This “Adventure Soft Saddlebags” should be one of the best saddlebags for your Harley Davidson. With $470 something to spend, you can have a waterproof bag with many pockets to store your stuff. For every purchase of these saddlebags, you will get two bags with universal straps for mounting the bags included.

Adventure Soft Saddlebags 1

How much volume and weight does all bags provide? Regarding its volume, you can get 1,525 cubic inches for each bag—making a total of 3,050 cubic inches for two bags. Plus, it can help you to carry along at maximum 10 kg for each bag.


Black standard Line Compact Saddlebags

Black standard Line Compact Saddlebags

With throw-over style, these saddlebags will be the best product to choose if you want the cheapest product from Harley Davidson official store. This throw-over saddlebag will cost you around $222, much cheaper than those two aforementioned.

Although the design is simple, this product is made of synthetic which is so decent and leather-like. Therefore, if you want an ultra-durable piece, this one will be the best product for you. However, you only are allowed for carrying along 6 lbs. for each bag at maximum, or 600 cubic inches in total.

So, which one will you choose? Our best pick is the #2, the Adventure Soft Saddlebags. Being medium-priced, the features are pretty nice to be chosen as the best stretched bags for Street Glide.

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