Toyota Pickup 22R for Sale Craigslist Engine Specification Details

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Toyota Pickup 22R for Sale Craigslist Engine Specification Details

Toyota Pickup 22R for sale Craigslist is one of the places online where you’d be able to find the engine that is known to be almost indestructible. The amount of engine designs ever manufactured that can pass the mark of 300,000 mile with merely routine maintenance and considerate driving habits is countable by hands. It is honestly marvelous how car companies on occasion managed to construct relentless motors that keep on going even if the owners squeeze so many years out of them. The 22R, without a doubt, is certainly one of them.

The 22R is the engine that supports the Toyota Pickup or Truck, which also marketed as the Toyota Hilux on Europe. It is a 2.4 liters (144.38 cubic inch or 2,366 cc) four-cylinder gasoline engine. It is a part of Toyota R-family series. In a span of fourteen years, which was in 1981 to 1995 to be exact, Toyota Motor Corporation manufactured the engine.

The 22R is equipped with aluminum and cast-iron block cylinder head that has eight valves (two for each cylinder) and SOHC (single overhead camshaft). The cylinder bore is measured at 3.65 inch (92 mm) and the piston stroke is measured at 3.5 inch (89 mm). It boasts 9:1 compression rating, as well as carburetor fuel system, in contrast with its counterpart, the 22RE that comes with fuel injectors system.

This engine is capable of generating 97 horsepower (72 kW or 98 PS) to 109 horsepower (81 kW or 110 PS) @ 5,000 rpm of its maximum power. The highest peak torque is measured at 138 ft/lb (19.1 kg/m or 187 N/m) @ 3,400 rpm.

If you look for the Toyota 22R for sale craigslist that was produced after 1983, you’d find that it used single-row chain with plastic guides that replaced the dual-row timing chain in the earlier manufactured units. This engine then went under redesign again in 1985, which involved the oil and water pumps, pistons, block, cylinder head, and others. That’s why the pre-1985 Toyota Pickup 22R for sale Craigslist won’t be compatible with the post-1985 products.

All in all, the motor was finally put for retirement after years of service in 1995. Still, to these days, it is known as one of the most reliable engine out there that stands over extensive period of time and doesn’t bother their owners with much of hassle. In conclusion, if you search for Toyota Pickup 22R for sale Craigslist, you’re likely to discover one of the most reliable motors that have ever built by manufacturers in the industry.

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