P0316 Ford F150 Trouble Code Potential Causes and Symptoms

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P0316 Ford F150 Trouble Code Potential Causes and Symptoms

P0316 Ford F150 is a trouble code that’s quite tricky to diagnose despite commonly happening. This code doesn’t exist solely in Ford F150, but also in other Ford models. In general, it hints that there’s an engine startup misfire that occurs within the first 1,000 revolutions.

When the P0316 code appears alone, you can be rest assured that there’s no actual error rather than a clunky and rough start, and you just need to wait for a moment before the service engine turns on again soon. However, if it’s accompanied by a following digit such as P0300 or P0301, your vehicle may suffer from a more significant problem and it’s recommended to look for the specific diagnosis of the code as soon as possible.

As mentioned earlier, the P0316 Ford F150 code can be rather complicated, due to the wide range of possible causes. Some of them are explained below.

Ignition Issues

P3016 can be caused by issues that exist on the ignition. For example, if your vehicle has bad spark plugs, you can detect this from the electrodes. It is a great place to begin the error inspection. Another potential cause is poor spark plug wires, although this happens less on modern engines due to shorter plug wires. Lastly, the issue may be caused by defective coil packs. Although the chance of this issue occurring is quite low, it is one of the certain causes of the P3016 code appearing.


Fuel Issues

The next likely cause P0316 Ford F150 is related to the fuel. If there fuel pressure on the engine is not sufficient, the fuel cannot be atomized as it should during the startup that resulting in burning lean mixture. Other examples of P0316 code appearance due to fuel issues are bad gas, poor fuel injectors, or faulty on the vehicle’s EGR system.


Cam and Crank Sensors

Another issue that’s just as important as the others regarding the presence of the P0316 code is the cam and crank sensors. If these sensors do not send the correct signal to the ECU, the timing of your vehicle is going to misfire and doesn’t sync up.

Amongst other OBDII codes, the P0316 code is one of the most difficult ones to diagnose. If you happened to encounter this code followed by another code of trouble, it is necessary to start diagnosing and cross referencing the possible culprits behind it. Diagnosing the code of P0316 Ford F150 properly will help you to save plenty of effort and time.

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