Oxygen and Acetylene Tanks Harbor Freight, a Complete Portable Welding Kit for You

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Oxygen and Acetylene Tanks Harbor Freight, a Complete Portable Welding Kit for You

If you want to do Oxygen Acetylene Welding (OAW), using oxygen and acetylene tanks Harbor Freight is recommended. OAW is a gas welding process that uses a flame heat source through the combustion of oxygen gas and acetylene gas to melt metals and additives. Well, OAW welding is usually used only for thin plates because its welding connection has a lower strength than electric arc welding.

Apart from the explanation which is rather complex, its actual application is not so complicated, as long as you use this complete welding tool kit from Harbor Freight. So, what will you get from this kit to make your welding job easier?


Acetylene and Oxygen Gas Cylinder

The acetylene gas cylinder is a place to store acetylene gas when the regulator for welding process is opened. The gas will automatically exit through the gas hose connected to the welding torch. This acetylene gas cylinder has a red color.

Meanwhile, the oxygen cylinder is to store oxygen gas. This tube will be filled with oxygen, which is used for the welding process. Then, it will be connected to the regulator and hose, leading to the welding torch. The oxygen gas cylinder is green.


25ft. Hose & Welding Torch

This dual braided hose included in oxygen and acetylene tanks Harbor Freight is used to drain gas from the gas cylinder to the welding torch during welding process. The color of gas hose also matches the gas cylinder. In addition, welding torch is a place to mix oxygen gas and acetylene during the welding process. On this torch, there is a valve or regulator to release oxygen and acetylene gas. As for the cutting torch, it also has an additional gas valve for cutting.


Brass Cutting Attachments

It is an added material used for OAW welding process. The material from this filler metal is adjusted to the type of material to be welded. Usually, the welding rod is in form of a rolled wire, but it will be used for welding.


Acetylene and Oxygen Gas Regulator

Well, Acetylene regulator is a tool that’s used to see the filling pressure and working pressure or the release of acetylene gas in the hose when it is used for welding. Its function is the same as the oxygen regulator included in oxygen and acetylene tanks Harbor Freight, but the only difference is the use of gas.

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