Liftmaster Wall Control Not Working? Three Common Cases You Need to Know

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Liftmaster Wall Control Not Working

As a customer, have you ever experienced Liftmaster wall control not working? In fact, if you need comfort when moving in and out of the garage from your home, automatic garage doors are the best choice. One of the popular brands is Liftmaster. It can be adapted to the model and design of your home and you can open the garage door automatically with a wireless remote control, adding to your convenience every day. However, any electronic device is certainly not free from errors, including this wall control. Below are three cases that generally occur in this device.


The problem is in wall switch

This is the most common problem of Liftmaster wall control not working experienced by the users. You will certainly feel confused about this. It happens because usually the switch on the wall has a short circuit. The easiest way to solve it is to replace the wall switch unit. However, if you are an expert in the fields of electricity, just try to open the wall switch, and then find out which cable is torn to cause a short circuit. After you find it, replace it with a new cable, so the wall switch can work again.


The problem is in remote control

This is the opposite of the problem above. It is certain that what is damaged is the remote battery or even the remote itself. Repairing a broken remote is a difficult thing. Therefore, you better check the Liftmaster wall control manual, or just replace the remote with a new unit. But before that, it never hurts to try replacing the remote battery. Who knows that the batteries’ life has run out?


The signal light is dead

All Liftmaster units are equipped with LED sign light. This is useful to indicate the remote or wall switch is working properly and smoothly. Sometimes, there is no problem in remote control. Every unit works fine, only the lights do not turn on properly and even turn off. This problem can be ascertained if the light socket is damaged, and you need to replace it.

To solve this problem yourself is a bit difficult. You are advised to call a technician to replace the old socket that is causing the lamp to not properly function. The replacement of this socket is not so expensive, and it is still affordable. Now, don’t be too worry if you face any cases of Liftmaster wall control not working.


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