Car Detailing Shampooer Features that You Must Consider

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Car Detailing Shampooer Features that You Must Consider

A car detailing shampooer is like a machined hose spray that you use to clean carpet or something. It is like the same concept, but with more options on the wand for the sake of car detailing. If you plan to buy something like this, you need to understand some of the best features that the tool has. You need to make sure the product has these features below.

The Removable Gallon with Large Capacity

The first thing you have to look for when buying car detailing shampooer is the gallon. The gallon must be removable for the sake of versatility and to ease you when cleaning it up. Also, the gallon should have large capacity, at least 1.5 lit. It helps you to fill the gallon to the fullest and use it until you are done, without the need of refilling.


Powerful Vacuum Motor and Water Spray

Many people tend to opt car shampooer rental because they think that the powerful spray is not available for home-use. Well, it is wrong as many products of shampooers are completed by powerful vacuum motor and strong water spray. It allows you to clean the cars in detail without having to use professional help. Make sure this feature is available in the product you are about to buy.


Portable and Light Weight

The overall weight of the shampooers should be like 30lbs at the max. If the machine is too heavy, you won’t be able to carry the machine under the car or around the car as you detail the whole vehicle. This is the reason why you have to choose the product with portable feature.


Long Extraction Hose

The extraction hose must be easy to roll as well as very long. It must be around 9 feet at least. It helps you cleaning up the cars easily when the hose is that long. It helps you move around with the whole thing easily, too,

It is now clear when you want to get the spray; it must be completed by great features as mentioned above. Take your time to do the research, so you won’t end up buying disappointing product. Remember, warranty is also a mandatory feature as you expect this product to be durable and useful for a long time. Getting car detailing shampooer is not easy, but it will be worth it at the end.

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