P0012 Ford F150 Code: the Causes and the Solutions

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P0012 Ford F150 Code the Causes and the Solutions

P0012 Ford F150 code means your vehicle’s system has found that the real angle position of the camshaft doesn’t match the desired position of the camshaft. However, the meaning of this code might be different with each kind of car’s manufacturer.

You might notice some symptoms that commonly occur when your vehicle has some problems with the engine with this code, such as you may hear some disturbing noises from the machine, your car seems to struggle a lot to start properly, the fuel efficiency is somehow decreased, the indicator light is malfunctioning, or you might find the check engine indicator is illuminating. When you see one of those symptoms, you need to contact your mechanic immediately.

Just like any other car issue, such as the P0022 Ford Escape code, the P0012 Ford F150 trouble code is also caused by some things you might don’t have a single clue about. Therefore, you need to know first about the possible causes of this code.


The engine oil is dirty or too low

The first things to check when you find this issue in the car are your oil engine and its filter. This problem can be caused by the dirty oil engine that needs to be replaced soon.


You use the improper engine oil

If you still find the check engine light is still illuminating, you need to make sure you have already use the proper oil engine for the car as the wrong choice could also be the cause of this problem.


The camshaft timing is bad

However, if your check engine light is illuminating again, surely there is something wrong with your car machine. The best way you can do is to go to the nearest repair station to get some help.

However, when your car shows the P0012 trouble code, it is better to not drive it since this condition could be dangerous. You can simply call your mechanics and tell them about the issues. Therefore, they will find the best way to check and repair your car without putting your life in danger.

In addition, your mechanics will do some required diagnosis first on your car to know the reason for these issues. These need to be solved with the specific knowledge and tools. In this case, the best way to solve the P0012 Ford F150 is by contacting reputable mechanics to minimize the misdiagnosis that could lead to dangerous situations.

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