Junkyard on 31st and Kedzie Chicago: Frank’s West Side Auto Parts

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Frank’s West Side Auto Parts

The junkyard on 31st and Kedzie is the one most people living in Chicago are looking for. This particular place has a name, and it is Frank’s West Side Auto Parts. Indeed, this is one of the biggest junk yards in the area, and it is the perfect place to find salvaged cars or sell your old, unused cars. This is why Frank’s West Side Auto Parts are so popular.

They Pay Cash for Junk Cars

Junk yard Chicago and other places are mostly pay the used cars with cheque or using bank transfer. However, at Frank’s, everything is paid cash so that you can use the cash easily. You do not need to wait for the money or anything because once the car is handed over to Frank’s, they will pay you cash straight away.


They Open 7 Days a Week

This place opens seven days a week, yes, even on Sunday. You should be able to visit the place from Monday to Saturday, starting from 8.30 AM in the morning and the place will be closed at 5.30 PM in the evening. If you choose to come on Sunday, the place opens at 9 AM in the morning and will be out of service by 3 PM in the afternoon.


They Have Great Inventory

One of the best things about this particular junkyard on 31st and Kedzie is that they have great inventory. You can come up to the customer service and ask for the parts you are looking for or ask for a price for your car. They can do anything for you as they have been operating for more than a decade. It is believed that Frank’s West Side Auto Parts is indeed the best.


No Appointment Necessary

The best thing about this place is that you can come and go as you please. There is no need to make any sorts of appointments with the customer service. You just come and look for the parts you need.

Well, without a doubt, when you are living in Chicago, particularly close to Kedzie, the only place to go when it comes to junk yard or salvage yard is Frank’s West Side Auto Parts. There are so many benefits to get when you are selling cars there or buying some car parts. That’s why people are still looking for the information about junkyard on 31st and Kedzie on daily basis.

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