LKQ Erdman Inventory Salvaged Yard Rules that You Have to Understand

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LKQ Erdman Inventory Salvaged Yard Rules that You Have to Understand

LKQ Erdman inventory is a junk yard or also known as salvage yard located in Baltimore, Maryland. Salvage yard is the best place to find old car parts, as well as getting cheap vehicles. When visiting LKQ property, you need to understand some ground rules. These are some of mandatory rules that you have to follow on that particular location.

No Torches and Gas-Powered Tools Allowed

Old cars are prone to extreme heat and they contain gasoline, still. This is the reason why the first rule to follow in the junk yard is not to use any sorts of torches and gas-powered tools. Explosion can happen and certainly it will cause massive catastrophe. You should never bring anything flammable, too, into the LKQ Erdman inventory location.


You Must Be at Least 16 Years Old

In order to enter the LKQ vehicle inventory, you need to be at least 16 years of age. If you are under the age of 16, you will not be able to enter the property. It is all for your own safety because junk yard can be packed with dangerous materials. Children have the bigger chance to getting lost or injured in a salvaged yard after all.


You Cannot Shoot Video or Take Photos

You are living in the world where taking video and photo is very common thing to do. However, when you are in the property of LKQ, taking any types of documentation is prohibited. You cannot record a video or take photo in the area. Forget the idea of making social media content or anything here because it is not going to be allowed, at all.


Bring Your Own Personal Protective Equipment

This location does not provide protective equipment. So, you have to bring them on your own. Some of the mandatory equipment you need includes safety glasses and thick gloves. You will also need some hard hats and full-body outfit sometimes. Bring it all on your own.

When you are living in Baltimore and your location is near Erdman Avenue, all you need to do to find car parts is visiting LKQ property. You know the rules, and it is pretty standard. It is all for the sake of your safety. There is no need to find salvage yard beyond your area because in Erdman Avenue, LKQ Erdman inventory is going to provide you with everything you need.

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