Build the 383 Stroker Block on Your Own

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Build the 383 Stroker Block on Your Own

If your four-wheeled vehicle requires a new block power, but unfortunately your wallet is only adequate to afford small block power, building a 383 stroker block may be the answer. The earliest model was basically built on 350 versions with crankshaft of the 400. If you’re planning to build your existing 350, consider adding a 383 block power for a 10% boost in the torque and horsepower.


Get any 350 block power

To build 383 on your own, start with 350 with a four-bolt crankshaft. An LT engine can also be used although the reagent kits will be more expensive. Bore the block to 4.030 by 0.030 inches. The main bores should also be aligned and honed. Then, purchase the crankshaft of the 383 stroker block on the market. You can also try to get 400 pistons, rods, and crankshaft. However, since they are not widely accessible, it’d be better to buy some brand new parts. This way, you can specify what kind of pistons and rods you want.


Find a set of L31 GM 

The first generation of L31 is able to produce around 490 HP in stock form. You can find these heads in GM full-size vehicles from 1996 to 1999, Chevrolet Tahoes and Expresses from 1996 to 2003, and GMC Yukons and Savannas from 1996 to 2003.


Purchase a carburator-compatible intake manifold

The Edelbrock Performer is an excellent option to build a 383 stroker block chevy. If you want something different, try to search for an intake manifold that was specifically designed for Indmar engines from 1996 to 2007. The next step is to install a camshaft in the 383 in which will be relatively tame. The flow of the L31 head will also begin to decline around 0.50 inches.


Apply powder coating

Apply ceramic coating all over the tops of the combustion roof, pistons, the inside part of the exhaust and intake ports, and the outside and inside of the tubular exhaust. This will retain pressure and heat within the motor, where it can be used to generate power rather than seeping into the engine compartment and cooling system.

At last, add rocker arms (roller tip ones), a carburetor of 700 CFM, a distributor (the GM HEI one), an oil pump, race oil, and an ignition box. That’s all how to build a 383 stroker block on your own with some accessible components.

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