Lime Scooter Juicer, another Way to Earn Additional Money on Your Leisure Time

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Lime scooter Juicer

Do you know how to earn money by being a Lime scooter Juicer? The pandemic that’s currently happening around the world has changed so many things, including the mobility business. One of them is the electric scooters business. Even the graphic says the users are increased in this pandemic vibes. Lime is a famous electric scooter company that allows users to rent the scooters through an app.

Now, you might wonder how you can earn money from that app. Here are the things you need to know about the system on Lime, so you can finally understand the procedure the get the money.


Download the Lime app if you want to rent a scooter

The steps of renting a scooter are quite easy and simple. You just need to open the Lime app on your smartphone, and then find the nearest location of the scooter that you can rent. You will need $1 to unlock the scooter. Next, you will be charged 15 cents in every minute of using the scooter.


You can be a Lime scooter Juicer to earn money

Besides providing users with the scooters that they want to rent, Lime also provides a working opportunity to anyone who wants to be a “Juicer”. Well, the Lime Juicer application process is usually very easy and fast.

What is exactly a “Juicer”? A “Juicer” is someone who picks the scooters in the streets and charges them. For your information, the Lime scooters are electric vehicle, so you need to charge them routinely. If you are a “Juicer”, you will need to pick up the scooters at night, usually after 9 pm. You will be provided with the Lime map that will tell you the positions of the scooters that are needed to be charged. You can charge them at your home, so you can earn money while sleeping.


Harvesting and Serving

Before having money transferred to your account, you will need to do “harvesting” and “serving”. These are the two basic steps to be a “Juicer”. You will need to pick the scooters up from the road, scan the QR code in your app, then continue to take more scooters or take them to the charging station. Remember you will follow the rules in your app. Each of scooters will provide information about the location and the time where you need to place them after charging them. After you complete these steps, you will receive your money for being a Lime scooter Juicer.

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