Sticky Brake Caliper, a Simple Issue that Could Lead to Any Dangerous Condition

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Sticky Brake Caliper, a Simple Issue that Could Lead to Any Dangerous Condition

A sticky brake caliper surely can lead to any life-threatening and dangerous situation. As we know, brakes are the most important elements in the car since this play an important role in our safety. Knowing the signs of a stuck brake caliper is important because this can help you to solve the issues, and make everyone in your car get out safely. These are the top sign of a broken or stuck brake caliper:


The car seems to walk slowly

When you drive the car and suddenly feel like it is braking even though you are not hitting the brake pedal, this could be a sign that the brake caliper is stuck. Just replace this sticky brake caliper and other related parts as soon as possible.


The wheels like are on fire/too hot

When you notice that extra heat is coming from one of your wheels (or even smoky), this might be a sign that your brake is frozen or stuck. This extra heat happens because when the brake caliper is stuck, it will make pressure on the backside of brake pad constantly. The longer you drive with this condition, the hotter your wheel will be.


The gas seems like run out fast

As explained before, when the brake is stuck, frozen or sticky, it will create extra work for your car, so it will need more fuel than usual. You have to be so aware to notice this sign, so you can solve the problems quickly before bad thing happens.


The car is like pulling to one side

When the brake caliper is sticky, your car will likely be pulled into the side of frozen brake caliper. This may be a sign that your car has brake issues. If you’re driving in this situation, stop the car immediately, and call for your mechanic to check the car.


The brake pedal is not popped back up after you’re hitting it

The easiest way to know that the car has brake issues is to check the brake pedal. If you find it is not instantly coming back up even when your foot does not on it, call the mechanic right away.

Well, driving can be challenging sometimes, but you don’t have to be worried or even afraid. Notice any signs of having brake issues, so you can solve the sticky brake caliper problem, and then avoid any accidents that may happen.

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