Subaru 60000 Mile Service Cost That’s Quite Reasonable for Your Safety

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Subaru 60000 Mile Service Cost That's Quite Reasonable for Your Safety

Well, Subaru 60000 mile service cost is similar to the Subaru 30k mile service, and so does the service details. Just like any other cars, Subaru needs regular maintenance, so it can run smoothly until years ahead. For Subaru cars, you will need to service them for every 30k miles (or for every 30 months).

Like Subaru 30k mile service, Subaru 60k mile service includes replacing the spark plugs, changing the oil and filter (including engine air and cabin air), checking and inspecting the full system, balancing the tires, and also inducting the engine fuel. The difference is that on 30k mile service, replacing the spark plugs is not included. In addition, Subaru 60000 mile service cost starts from $325, depending on your car model. Be sure to go only to the authorized dealer although the cost might be a little bit higher because going to some random service dealers can make your car get worse sometimes. Plus, you can’t get any guarantee from them. Here is the recommended maintenance for 60k mile service.


Oil, filter, and tires change

Of course, you need to change the oil regularly since this can affect your car’s performance. Moreover, the tires also need to be replaced and balanced. In fact, driving your car every day can make it aged, and if this condition is not handled, this may lead to any dangerous and life-threatening situation. Then, the air filter needs service as well because this will affect air conditioning system.


Replacing brake fluid system

The brake system is an important element in your car. Therefore, you need to inspect and check the condition of your car regularly.


Replacing the spark plugs

On 60k mile service, you will be provided with this maintenance. This is the additional maintenance from the 30k mile service.


Other important inspection

Once your car hits 60k miles, there will be so many points that needed to be inspected, such as the suspension system, the drive belts, the door, the trunk, the exterior and interior lighting, the steering operation, etc.

You have to service your car when it reaches 60k miles. If you miss any of these mile-limit services, your car might have some serious problems in the future which can make you spend much more money than doing the regular maintenance. So, even though some people say that the service cost is quite high, actually Subaru 60000 mile service cost is pretty cheap if compared to your safety and comfort.


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