Toyota Aristo 2JZ Review as the Best Toyota’s Luxurious Models

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Toyota Aristo 2JZ Review as the Best Toyota’s Luxurious Models

Have an eye on Toyota Aristo 2JZ but still doubting its worth? The Toyota Aristo is a large vehicle model manufactures only for the Japanese market by Toyota. To be more specific, the interior design of this car mimics those of Lexus GS. You can find out more about this sedan in the following review.



Italdesign Giugiaro was the one who created the very first generation of the Toyota Aristo. With a few minor differences, the engine of this vehicle is identical to those of Mk4 Supra. The 1UZ-FE or which is also known as the Toyota UZ engine was also equipped in this model as well as other Lexus and Toyota models. For those of you who don’t know, the Toyota Aristo 2JZ was first launched in 1991, where the first generation received a facelift in 1994 and the second generation in 1997.


Toyota Aristo 2JZ Engine

The Toyota Aristo 2JZ specs are the most essential aspects that add value to this legendary car. This first generation came with three different types of engines: 2JZ-GE (3.0 R6), 1UZ-FE (4.0 V8), and R6 2JZ-GTE (3.0 TT). Meanwhile, the second generation was only available with two kinds of engines: 2JZ-GTE (3.0 TT R6) and 2JZ-GE (3.0 R6). All the Aristo models, except for the Aristo V8, were all back-loaded. All the variants of Toyota Aristo are also automatic, although there is a manual option for the Aristo Mk2.



The Toyota Aristo is a legendary sedan that is popularly known for the tuning mode of its 2JZ engine. By performing a few small tweaks, the engine will give you around 400 HP. The engine was specifically designed to deliver a large amount of power. However, by doing some modifications to this car’s engine, more particularly the GTE model, you will get a much more powerful car. You can purchase a complete turbo kit of 2JZ GE or a head gasket. You can also attach a throttle body to get around 450 HP.

This 3-liter turbocharged car was also equipped with four valves, six-cylinder firing order, and a double overhead cam. It produces 276 BHP of power at approximately 5,600 RPM and 451 Nm of torque at around 3,600 RPM. From all these specs, you can see that this sedan is clearly a high-end version of Toyota’s luxurious vehicles, including the Lexus variants. If you are interested in this legendary Toyota Aristo 2JZ, make sure to look for one at a reasonable price.

Toyota Aristo 2JZ specs

Maximum power 230 – 280ps
Drive Type AWD/FR
Engine Capacity 2,997cc
Number of Seats 5
Length 4.805m – 4.865m
Height 1.42m – 1.435m
Width 1.8m – 1.8m

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