Freon Leak in a Car, Easy Detecting in Three Different Methods

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Freon Leak in a Car, Easy Detecting in Three Different Methods

Freon leak car is a condition that shouldn’t be underestimated. If your vehicle is experiencing one, then it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible. Freon leak in a car is amongst the most common reason why air conditioner in your car won’t work properly, and thus creating an uncomfortable environment inside the car. Before you even fix the problem, however, you need to detect where the leak is happening.

Due to the fact that refrigerant gas has no color, sometimes it is hard to detect the leaks by naked eyes. Here are several methods you may use to detect the problem:

Using fluorescent dye and UV lamp

This method requires you to use a combination between fluorescent dye, oil, and coolant that increase the gas pressure in the area where the leak happens. After a few minutes, typically about 5 minutes, you can see the exact location of the leak. Use UV lamps and then direct it to the connections and channels inside the car. Don’t forget to use safety measure such as glasses that can provide protection against UV radiation. Then, spot where you can see greenish color where the Freon leak occurs.


Using detector

This second method allows you to detect where the Freon leak happen without having to use dyes. Detector device has sensor, some with customizable sensitivity, in order to detect the smallest amount of loss. In order to check the leak, you need to bring the detector closer to the area where the leak might possibly happen and then wait for the equipment to give you signal – either by visual information or light on the display.


Checking the circuit’s pressure

Last but not least method to detect Freon leak car involves cleaning the conditioning circuit, and then stuffing it with gas or nitrogen that has approximately 12 times pressure higher than the normal. This process takes about 10 minutes. If there is a change in the circuit’s pressure, then it means there’s a leak happens in your car. However, to detect the exact location of the leak, you still need to use detectors.

Controlling the climate system inside your car is necessary to ensure visibility and comfort while driving, which also contribute to your safety. Any problem that may affect it should be dealt with and fixed soon as possible. If you indeed find Freon leak car in your vehicle, then it is recommended to get the damaged parts replaced immediately.

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