Car Freon Recharge, a Way to Fix Your “Warm” Air Conditioning

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Car Freon Recharge, a Way to Fix Your “Warm” Air Conditioning

You may need a car Freon recharge when you notice that the air conditioning (AC) blows warm air, and it seems to lose its power. Recharging your AC is an easy job to do on your own at home, and here are several steps of how to recharge your AC.


Set your AC to “High”

Start your car and set the air conditioning to “High” or “Max”.


Check the AC compressor

Compressor in AC is a liquid to gas converter device that has a clutch. It should be spinning when the AC is set to “High”. Check the clutch. If it’s not engaging, it means there might be an electrical problem, your AC system is low on refrigerant, or the compressor itself has broken.


Check the pressure

Turn your vehicle off, and locate the low side pressure port that will have a cap with the letter “L” on it. It is usually located on the passenger side. Next, you can try to attach the hose into the port, and press it until you hear a “click” sound. Next step in car Freon recharge is to start the car then see the gauge (keep your AC in the highest setting). You can be sure that the AC system is undercharged once you see the pressure is less than 40 psi.


Thread the can of refrigerant to the hose

You need to slowly thread the can onto the hose, and once the refrigerant can is installed, hold it upright and squeeze for 10 seconds to add the refrigerant to AC system. Do not forget to check the pressure gauge after releasing the trigger to make sure the system is not overcharged. You can proceed with this step until the gauge shows close to 40 psi. When you find the pressure is over 40 psi, it is considered as “high” pressure. You should seek professional help because this condition may need some repairs.


Check the temperature

Last but not least, you can go inside the car and check AC temperature. Use a thermometer and insert it into one of the vents. If your AC system is fully charged, it will show at least 28 degrees, and done! Your air conditioning should be running well now, and you have successfully recharged the system.

Please keep in mind if you are not sure to recharge the AC on your own, it’s always better to seek professional help. You can call the mechanics to do the car Freon recharge to minimize the risk.

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