Car Dent Plunger as the Safest Hack to Remove Your Car Dents

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Car Dent Plunger as the Safest Hack to Remove Your Car Dents

Do you use car dent plunger to remove your car dents? Is it possible? Yes, it is. Getting some dents in your car is a common problem, and remove them might be frustrating since the price is unbelievably high. Here are some easy ways you can do at home to remove dents without bringing your car into a service.


Using boiling water

If the specific area is made of plastic, it might be more difficult to remove the dent since this material is quite stiff. You can solve this problem by pouring hot water into the dent using a pot. After you pour the water, go to the other side as soon as possible then pop the dent back in. However, you need to be careful since it can hurt your hands, feet, or anyone around you.


Using a pot/bucket & vacuum cleaner

First, you need to tape the pot or bucket around the dent. Then, make a small hole on the bottom side of the pot/bucket and place the hose of your vacuum cleaner over the hole. Turn your vacuum on, and hopefully the suction should pop out the dent.


Using a plunger

Yes, you can also use a car dent plunger. However, keep in mind to use a cup plunger (that used for sinks), not a flange one (for toilets). You can remove the small to medium size of dents in your car by splashing some water on the dent and the plunger. Then, slowly pull and push the plunger until it pops out.


Using dry ice

As alternative, use the dry ice to remove small dents from your car. Make sure to wear gloves before rubbing the dry ice on the dents, and you can use it as much as you want until the dents pop out. You can also try to use a heater (it could be a hairdryer or anything) on the prior.


Using compressed air and a hairdryer

The next way is using compressed air and a hairdryer that’s also recommended for plastic material. Set your hairdryer at the highest temperature, and heat the car dent. When it’s hot enough, spray the dent with compressed air, and hopefully the dent will pop out.

Well, you should be careful when deciding to do one of those hacks since there is a risk that you might make the dent get worse. The safest way to remove it without risking your car is using a car dent plunger.

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