Dodge Challenger Destroyer Grey Paint and Coat: What Shade to Choose?

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Dodge Challenger Destroyer Grey Paint and Coat

Dodge Challenger destroyer grey is surely one of the best exterior colors from the car that you can choose. When it comes to the Dodge Challenger car, there are colors like the Hellraisin or purple color, as well as the IndiGo Blue color that have been the favorite for years. However, the grey shade or the destroyer one is still the most prominent one. Here are some shades you can choose.

Destroyer Grey

The main grey color of the Dodge Challenger destroyer grey is surely the destroyer grey itself. The color is the like the combination of a lighter matte-colored grey. When combined with the black stripe on the front side of the car, it makes a good contrast and hence making the car looks incredibly sleek and interesting seen from the exterior.


Granite Crystal Metallic

When it comes to choose the correct shade of grey for the Dodge car and you like the destroyer grey, opt for the granite crystal metallic shade. This shade of grey goes so great with the Dodger as it is lighter and it has sparkling effect here and there. There will be plenty of Dodge destroyer grey paint options that you can get, including this one.


  1. Dark Titanium Pearl

This shade is slightly darker than the original destroyer grey. For those who want to make the Dodge car looks sleeker and more elegant, this shade is probably the one that they need to choose. The application of the coat can be through spray painting or any other method that you desire. It will turn the car into a sleeker, more interesting one.


  1. Warm Silver Pearl Metallic

Last but not least, there is this shade of warm silver pearl metallic. This shade is not technically grey, but it looks like the perfect combination between darker shade and metal, so it does look a bit grey and interesting. For those who want to look for a chic shade for the Dodge, this warm-colored silver shade is the best choice to take.

When you love the grey color that much, surely the destroyer grey is your go-to option. However, the grey shade can be adjusted into lighter or darker one, depending on your style and taste. That information above show that you can enhance the look of your Dodge, as well as making the stripes on the exterior of the Dodge Challenger destroyer grey more noticeable.

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