Lexus Caviar Color and Other Popular Color Options from the Lineup

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Lexus Caviar Color and Other Popular Color Options from the Lineup

The shade options for Lexus car are available beyond Lexus caviar color. Each of them has story and process to appear unique. For instance, Mica color has capability to create impression of the refracting sunlight that hits the depth of sea. The innovative and fanciful color effect like this is what makes the Lexus car colors interesting for anyone with enthusiasm and appreciation in automobile design or even just vehicle in general.

Lexus car color caviar and any other color options might be subjective thing. Therefore, this article will try to define several shades on the model lineup of Lexus car as objective as possible.

Caviar Mica

This shade is what most people refer when they said Lexus caviar color. As the name implies, it has mica finishing paint. If you’re not familiar with the word, just think of sparkling black. It can be easy to mistakenly take Caviar Mica shade as Black Onyx or Obsidian if you’re looking for the color under overcast or cloudy day.



Most people may just simply refer obsidian as black, as soon as they saw the color. It is not entirely wrong, as the formal definition obsidian is actually a flat back. However, Lexus obsidian color doesn’t have the flakey or mica finish on its paint. This color is popular on various Lexus models, such as NX, RX, and ES.


Nightfall Mica

This newest color option addition to the Lexus lineup arrives as the replacement of Black Sapphire Pearl and Deep Sea Mica. It has dark blue color, but in a more brilliant way compared to the Black Sapphire Pearl’s muted one.


Starfire Pearl and Eminent White Pearl

These two options of color look similar due to their splendid white pearl tone, as implied by their names. The biggest difference is probably their availability. You can only find Starfire Pearl shade on several models launched in 2017 like LX 570 and GX 460, while Eminent White Pearl can be easily spotted on most new car models of Lexus lineup.

You might think some Lexus colors are a hit, while others are a miss. That being said, each of them has story to tell and thus create memorable impression. If you want to check more of the shade selections, including the Lexus caviar color, you may visit the Lexus official website or visit the nearest Lexus dealership in your area.

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