Eastside Window Tinting Process for Cars in 6 Chronological Steps

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Eastside Window Tinting Process for Cars in 6 Chronological Steps

Looking for Chicago Eastside window tinting service might be a good idea if live in the area and you want to improve the comfort of your driving experience during hot seasons. Window tinting has ability to protect the interior of your car from harmful UV rays, prevent heat effects, and enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

If you are already done a research on Eastside window tinting service and successfully made an appointment, you might wonder, what is the process of this procedure looks like? Here’s a breakdown of what happen while you’re waiting for the vehicle to be treated by one of the Eastside window tinting Chicago professional installers.

Preparing the vehicle

The car will be brought to an area free from wind and dust, normally inside a large room inside building.

Cleaning the windows

Your car windows will be cleaned by using basic cleaning solution like water and soap in order to eliminate debris and dirt.

Measuring and cutting

The car windows size will be measured and the installer will cut the film according to the measurement results. Then, the film is positioned on the car windows’ surface to make even more precise measurements. The film will also be shrunk by heat gun so it contours according to the glass curves.

Peel board

The installers will lift the film off and set on top of the peel board to accurately cut the glass based on the detailed windows’ form. The release line will also be lifted off by the installers.

Installing the film

The film will be installed on the inner surface of your car windows after it has been cut down to the right shape and size. Both the film and windows will be sprayed with cleaning solution first. Then, the release line of the film will be removed and then applied to the vehicle window. Any excess on the solution is removed using squeegee, which is also used to activate the securing adhesive on the film.

Concluding stage

Final inspection will be performed to examine the car windows from outside and inside to see if there’s any lacking or imperfections that should be fixed.

After the window tinting process is finished, the car will be returned to you. In general, it is advised not to roll the window down for at least three days. Depending on the film type used by the Eastside window tinting service center and the weather conditions, the time required for the film to cure and dry entirely may take up to three weeks.

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