Dodge EcoDiesel for Sale: the Cost Breakdown to Know Before Purchasing It

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Dodge EcoDiesel for Sale 2

Looking for Dodge EcoDiesel for sale near you? It seems like you are barely alone. The 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel is known for its capability in pulling high torque and providing great fuel economy. The power plant has received so many praised for being smooth, clean, and quiet.

Purchasing the 3.0 Dodge EcoDiesel might be a great alternative to, let’s say Hemi V8, even though it requires higher maintenance cost. The high torque means that you can enjoy outstanding acceleration, better driving experience. Read the cost breakdown of the engine below to see the maintenance cost consideration before you search for Dodge EcoDiesel for sale to buy:

Engine oil change: $200

The oil change of 3.0 Dodge EcoDiesel costs slightly more than others, but there’s a good chance you need to perform this maintenance less often. The EcoDiesel uses synthetic oil, and due to how common modern engines use synthetic oil nowadays, the cost is only a bit higher than gas engine oil change. Engines that use synthetic oil require less oil change than engines that use gas, as the recommended interval between every oil change is approximately 10,000 miles.

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DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank filling: $50 – $100

This specific maintenance is done at the same time with oil change. The cost might depend on the amount that your Dodge needs.


Fuel filters change: $200 – $270

Similar to the prior maintenance, fuel filters change is also done every time you perform oil change. The cost might depend on the application.

Let’s compare it with Hemi engine now. V8 Hemi doesn’t use synthetic oil, but the oil capacity is large. While Hemi oil change cost only about $50, the recommended oil change interval is between every 5,000 miles, which might need adjustment depend on your requirement. To put it in math, four times oil change after running Hemi for 20,000 miles costs you 1 cent each mile, while Dodge EcoDiesel costs about 4 cent each mile.

That explains why most drivers that search for Dodge EcoDiesel engine for sale are the ones who prioritizes power over cost. It also offers more practicality as the drivers do not need to visit gas station pump as often. In addition, Ram Dodge has quiet reputation in creating industry-leading and high-performing diesel engine and components. Starting to look for Dodge EcoDiesel for sale can be the first step into making your truck driving life easier and lighter.

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