Gates Hydraulic Hose Crimper Operating Procedure Guide in Step-by-Step

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Gates Hydraulic Hose Crimper Operating Procedure Guide in Step-by-Step 2

Gates hydraulic hose crimper is one of many models of hydraulic hose crimping machine available in the market. The equipment is primarily used to fabricate the assembly of hydraulic hose. The essential working principle of most hydraulic hose crimper is to transform fluid or electric power into crimping force. Some models are built to be operated manually by hand, while some others are designed to be operated by air. The generated force will alter the steel tube’s form, thus establishing bond between the work piece and the metal.

If you aren’t really familiar with the working process of Gates hydraulic hose crimper, then the content below might be able to help you understand. It will explain the general procedure to operate the machine, so if you want to get more detailed information, you may refer to Gates hydraulic hose crimper manual book. Here is a quick overview of how you can run the equipment:

  1. Prepare the hose that you’d like to crimp. Cut it to the proper length by using cutting equipment and then clear the internal part of the hose.
  2. Select the suitable hydraulic ferrules and fittings.
  3. Insert the fittings to the proper depth, create a marking line on the hose’s surface area, and then align the ferrule with the mark by setting the fittings to the hose.
  4. Choose the matching crimper die from the range of crimping in your used crimper. You may refer to the manual book again in order to see the range and pick one.
  5. Switch the machine one, set the proper size of vernier dial, then set the hose into the crimper and complete the process in several seconds only.
  6. Finally, measure the hose diameter after the crimping process is done.

Nowadays, it is not hard to find hydraulic hose crimper with great quality and reliability. That being said, you still need to take safety measure in order to prevent incident from human error during the process of assembly.

Gates Hydraulic Hose Crimper Operating Procedure Guide in Step-by-Step

If you are looking to purchase hydraulic crimping machine in the near future, you may want to avoid buying the cheapest model. Besides crimper equipment that sold at cheap price usually have unpleasant design, they typically also have shorter lifetime and higher maintenance cost. Moreover, the manufacturers usually repress the parts and materials quality to control the price. It is safe to say Gates hydraulic hose crimper is amongst the best model that can give you satisfaction in terms of quality and durability.

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