USAA Tow Service, One Call Away for Your Roadway Issues

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USAA Tow Service, One Call Away for Your Roadway Issues

If you are a veteran or having a family member who is in military service, you must be familiar with USAA tow service. United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a company that provides financial services, products, and car insurance to veterans.

From all the insurance products of USAA, there is one particular product which offers many benefits. It is called roadside assistance. This service is included as an additional option in your auto insurance that provides any roadside services, such as:


Delivering gasoline

Have you ever running out of your gasoline while driving a car and don’t have a clue where you are? USAA can help you with this. You can contact them to ask to deliver gasoline to your location. However, keep in mind the price of gas is not included in your insurance.


Towing your car

If you have your car get stuck in the roadway, or you can’t get it started and don’t have any idea what is wrong with your car, you can also call USSA for help.


Changing your flat tires

Mostly, everyone who is driving must experience this kind of situation: having flat tires when in a hurry. Well, just call USSA for changing your flat tires.


Unlocking your car

Do you ever lose your keys? Or, are you wondering why your car can’t be opened? Call USSA, and you can have your car back to normal. However, remember the price of the keys isn’t included in your insurance.

In addition, if you are in an accident but not involved in it and need some roadside assistance, such as USAA tow service, you can request one of those services by calling 800-531-8555. But, if you can’t drive in an accident because your vehicle is damaged, you need to call 800-531-USAA (8722) since you will need to be ensured if it’s safe for you to drive the vehicle. In this way, USAA can move your car as soon as possible, and later you can talk about the reimbursement you need.

Driving a car on the road could be dangerous and challenging at some times. You may run out of the gas then have your car stopped in the middle of nowhere, you can get in an accident, or your car may get stuck in the mud on a rainy day. Well, anything could happen. Therefore, it’s always best to have auto insurance that provides the helpful services just like USAA tow service.

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