Abernathy Polaris Side By Sides, and What to Consider Before You Make A Purchase

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Abernathy Polaris Side By Sides, and What to Consider Before You Make A Purchase

Abernathy Polaris Side By Sides, which also referred as UTV or SXS, is without a doubt one of the most reliable model available in the market. Their price range is admittedly higher than other models, but they are known for being durable. Additionally, these UTVs also require lower maintenance budget due to the fact that the model is so popular. Therefore, their parts are easily available anywhere and sold at cheaper costs. Polaris SXS has plenty more to offer beside reliability, such as capability in various surroundings, great storage, and comfortable seats.

Now, if you aren’t really familiar with power sports or recreational vehicle, you may have heard of Side by Side before. It is more commonly referred as UTV (utility terrain vehicle). As the name implies, these vehicles are suitable for various types of more and offer high performance capabilities, even more than ATV.

Before purchasing UTV, especially Abernathy Polaris Ranger, there are several things that worth to consider. By browsing the models around, you can see the features and attributes of UTV, and see if they are really right for you. You might read about the factors to take into your account before actually buying the UTV below.


First of all, if you are planning to use the power vehicle with passengers, then it is probably better to settle with UTV instead of ATV. While some ATV models can accommodate more people than the rider alone, there are more UTV models that provide two, four, or six passenger seats.

Power and cost

Second, the comparable power of Abernathy Polaris Side By Sides to ATV affect its cost. If budget is one of your primary concerns, then UTV might not be the most ideal power vehicle type to go with. That being said, the higher cost might as well be justified due to the more complete safety features, including seat belts and roll cages. These make UTV a better alternative if you are particularly conscious about your safety. Moreover, UTV is easier to be modified, either for performance or for work because the options for aftermarket items and accessories are wider.


In terms of reliability, it partially depends on how well you maintain the UTV. It is not rare to see the vehicle owners to near-trashing their vehicle by using extremely high speed when driving it off. Problems are sure thing to experience if you don’t complete regular check maintenance. It is important to make sure that the vehicle is not overloaded, and the oil is changed regularly, along with air filters, shocks, and others. Abernathy Polaris Side By Sides can turn unreliable if the engine is under-tuned as well.

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