Sherp Off Road Vehicle Buying Guide and the Price Range Information

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Sherp Off Road Vehicle Buying Guide and the Price Range Information

Similar to any other vehicles, the price of Sherp off road vehicle varies with options. If you use it to run business, then Sherp ATV can be seen as asset investment just like purchasing building, backhoe, or tractor-trailer. Prior to purchasing the Sherp ATV, it is important to consider the intended use then the project and its return of investment (ROI). It is necessary to note that, luckily, the maintenance budget for this particular type of vehicle is low – a common advantage of vehicles powered by diesel. On the other hand, if you use it for recreational or personal use, Sherp ATV can offer plenty of fun, and you don’t have to consider the factors above.

The models

There are two available different models of Sherp ATVs: the pro and pickup. Let’s start with pickup. It has detachable back cover and there’s an interior wall at the back of the front seats. It has internal system of roll bar that serves as protection to the cab area. You can remove the roll bars easily, if you want some extra space. This feature of flexibility is sometimes important for some specific application. For example, during the mission of search and rescue, you might need to get rid of the top part to allow others get in and get out in different directions.

On the other hand, the exterior roll cage in Sherp off road vehicle in pro version is optional. The back of this model is also cannot be detached. It has no interior wall that separates the rear area and the cab area – which provide more room visually, but functionally, the available space is more or less similar with the previous version.


The price

The Sherp off road vehicle price range for both versions is similar. The cost of pro version begins at approximately $115,000. It seems much, but the price can be justified due to its ability to survive in extreme environment and other additional features.


The trailer

Another consideration before purchasing the Sherp ATV is that you need trailer to transport it because the vehicle is not street legal. There is also available option to get a customer trailer version of Sherp ATV, which is more lightweight, and is particularly built to drive and pulled just like common SUV. That being said, this version requires you to get large trailer to have spare room and carry gears and tools. Getting amphibious trailer is another thing you might want to consider, but it costs roughly $8,000. Amphibious Sherp off road vehicle is a reliable, capable, yet simple addition to your ATV.

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