11r24.5 Tires for Sale Craiglist and How to Buy the Tires Online?

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11r24.5 Tires for Sale Craiglist and How to Buy the Tires Online

Buying 11r 24.5 tires for sale Craigslist is one of the best things you can do to get a new truck tire. Even though most likely you will get second-handed tires in Craiglist, as long as they are in good condition, they will be all worth your money. These are some tips for you to get the right truck tire of that size from Craiglist.


Read the Tire Age

The first thing you have to do when taking a look at the list on Craiglist is to examine the tire’s age. It should be written on the ad’s detail for the tires. The tire age should not be too old, so that when you buy it, it will be reliable to use for a long time.


Meet in Public Spaces

There is no doubt that when you buy 11r 24.5 tires for sale Craigslist, you will have to meet the sellers in public spaces. Do not invite them over to your house. After all, it will take a while for you to check the tires, and hence letting strangers inside your house for hours won’t lead to something good. Meet at the parks, mall or anywhere packed with people.


Look for Patches and Defects

You do not want to buy truck tires full of patches and defects, right? This is why you have to check the condition of the tire on your own. Take a good look at it, and make sure it matches the expectation, especially on the overall condition. If the patches are too much, do not take the offer.


Accept Cash Only

After you check the tires and everything seems all right, you have to finish the payment. Do not risk your data or information by paying using the cashless transaction or bank check. Pay the used tires for sale with cash, and hence the transaction will end there. It won’t cause you problem in the future and you won’t have to do nothing else with the seller.

The key for a successful non-spam transaction is to make sure you trust your gut feeling. If an ad offering you the tire that look too good to be true, have some research down to the smallest details in order to avoid spam and fraud. Getting second-handed truck tires from Craiglist can be beneficial if you know how to choose the right 11r 24.5 tires for sale Craigslist.

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